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Monday, December 12, 2011


ok, i know i didn't explain vegas well. mostly because i didn't have time.
i had such a good, unexpected trip, that it really is hard to explain through a post.

so here are my loves, and loathes of Vegas:


the lights: especially because it was decorated for christmas. it was so beautiful and flashy and bright.

the shops: there were so many great shops, and yes we did go to the 3 story h&m :) and i found the sweater i had seen on pinterest, so i bought it. naturally

the watershow at the Bellagio: so beautiful, and fascinating

the inspiration: i found it there. for fashion, for life. a new determination to pursue what i want. and feel good about. not a self gratifying way, but a confidence in what i know is right. i am aware this is vague. but i had some intense convos in vegas that lead me to some of these realizations about myself.

the casinos: they were pretty, but so sad. the overweight, smoking, lifeless looking people who sat at these machines who were wasting their lives away. oh i hated it.

The smoke: oh lordy, everyone smokes and it's all contained in these restaurants and casino rooms. you cannot walk through a lobby, or from one side to another without your contacts clouding over. yuck.

the exploitation of women: wow. it is everywhere.

Overall, i did have a great time, mostly because of the people we met, and who showed us around.

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