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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

i like presents...

anytime i say..I like... i cannot help but think of this

but seriously...i'll be honest. I love gifts.
But i also LOVE giving gifts. so see, i'm not superficial.

my husband gives GREAT gifts. he seriously outdoes me every year. (don't get me wrong...he has made some mistakes in the past..ex: nothing on valentines day. wha???)

but usually he is incredible at surprises. i hate surprises..i'm a child when it comes to surprises. i ask for a hint about my present at least 3 times a day. i'm relentless.

some examples of his elaborateness:
1st christmas when we were dating, he left to visit his family and left me a gift to open each day. they were the sweetest most thoughtful gifts ever. like one was pictures from when he was 14 and awkward..and a letter about how he wants to be vulnerable with me in every way.. (i was so into this boy) or one day it was shredded letters from ex girlfriends and a letter about how nothing in his past matters to him...only his future with me :) be still muh heart.

his elaborate rooftop tent to ask me to be his girlfriend? or his incredibly elaborate proposal(i should blog about that someday)?

1st christmas married: he bought me new uggs (he HATES boots...HATES), and a polaroid camera...because i had mentioned one time that i have always wanted a polaroid..(i forgot i even wanted one). these were elaborate because 1. he got me something that he hates, knowing i love it, and 2. he had been listening to little heart desires of mine.
(that year i got him a sweater-fail)

last year...oh man.. he totally blew budget.
he gave me 2 great normal gifts, office dvd's and a camelbak...i got him an ipad (with the help of fam members chipping in)..and i was soooo proud of myself for outdoing him FINALLY...only to clean up all the wrapping paper and come out to find a HUGE box that was for me to open...he had gotten me my bright yellow kitchedaid. omjesus.

he just always finds a way, to surprise me and outdo me. i hate it and love it
so, i have huge expectations this year...i'm trying not to, but it is all his fault.

oh and what did i get him? well, i bought him concert tickets to go see foreigner. which they ended up moving concert dates which conflicted with other plans we had..and i had to eventually tell him about it..and find something else to get him...so basically...i have failed...again! BLAST

3 more sleeps till present time (we exchange christmas eve)....

I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

(4 things it could possibly be...iphone4s, fox bracelet, yellow diamond(a girl can dream), trip to NY)

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