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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

feeling nostalgic...

i had a "tete a tete" last night with an old friend...one of my oldest actually (8th grade). it is refreshing being with someone who knows you through everything. you jump topics like wild children with ADHD, ex: "omg who is blowing up your phone? a new boy? what's his name? hey why are you so tan?"-this was in fact an entire sentence of mine last night to her, which she answered without missing a step...
(his name is Adam :)

I love meeting new people, like seriously, it is like a fun habit for me. but being with old friends is something akin to honey on a sore throat...

I have been more than blessed when it comes to friendships. each one is so unique and versatile. and when they are all together (which happens seldom), they all get along and are hilarious together. I remember watching them all, as i got my hair done for my wedding, they were running around curling each others hair, advising makeup, and dancing to silly music. In a way, it was a reflection of me. here are all the girls in my life that have meant the most to me. they each represent a facet of my life, my personality, and my individuality. i think i was also thinking, "gee i would much rather be a bridesmaid right now than the bride" -(it looked like more fun)

everyone should have a best friend. some how i was blessed with about 9 of them...and that number keeps expanding each year :)

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