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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Update 1.
It has been almost 2 weeks now of early morning rising. Still successful, and yet still so hard. Especially right now...i left my cozy bed, with my cozy warm husband to sit on the couch in the dark...while it rains...which makes it even harder...something about rain...you don't want to get out of bed!

BUT, my coffee was brewing, and I have committed to this. I WILL PREVAIL!

Update 2.
My sister hasn't gone into labor yet. She is due Sunday so we still technically have a few days but...geez...anticipation is at an all time high! Get this baby out of me! ...uh i mean her!

Update 3.
I am looking into 5k's. Thanks to my sweet friend Cara Dee, who would love to do one with me, there are a few races coming up that she sent me schedules for. She isn't a runner either...so we are gonna try doing it together....we haven't started yet...but we will...i promise.

Update 4.
My hubs said he will take me to Chicago this year, for sure. Yeah..i haven't been there either. He says we will definitely do Chicago, and hopefully squeeze in NYC too! woo hoo! NYC may not happen if this last update happens....

Update 5.
this is my favorite update....
I may be going to these 2 places in April:

(madrid, spain)

(santorini, greece)


Clemence lives in Spain right now, this girl right here
And I really feel like i'm supposed to see her this year...so we are planning an adventure. We will either stay in Spain...and tour around...which is perfectly wonderful...or we will go to Greece together....which is stupidly grand in every way :)

2012...it has been very very very nice to meet you, i think we will be great friends.


  1. What about Omaha? It might not be as glamorous, but 2012 forgot to bring you Omaha. :(

  2. lee!!!!!! i hope it does bring me Omaha! And omaha is totallllly glamorous...they have you!

  3. correction. i have in fact started running. get on it jk :)
    what exciting travel plans!!!