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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


it is true. in 64 days. i will be heading to spain.

Clemence lives in Madrid, and has some time off in april, so i am joining her for a glorious week of the following:

walking through the crowded beautiful streets of madrid, arms linked, snapping pics of beautiful people and their beautiful clothes.
Like the Puerta Del Sol:
File:Puerta del Sol (Madrid) 06.jpg

sip coffee in sidewalk cafes, while we catch up on life, and ponder the future....i'm sure we will also discuss the fascinating people watching we will see.
Sidewalk Cafe in Madrid [CB064525]

Walk through Ritiro Park, canoeing, picnicking,
File:Buen Retiro Park, Madrid.jpg

Gawking at the Crystal Palace:

File:Palacio de Cristal (Retiro, Madrid) 11.jpg

Then we will head for Seville Spain for 3 nights:
File:Seville 04.jpg

with day trips to Cadiz:

cadiz on the costa de la luz


Needless to say, it will be epic, and perfect..wish you could come with :)


  1. Sounds amazing- you will have a GREAt time!

  2. I would love to visit Madrid. It looks like a beautiful city.


  3. this looks like a fantastic trip! i have never been to spain, but i would love to go! have a lovely time and take lots of pictures!