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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Product Endorsement

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I LOVE jewelry.
you can seriously where the crappiest shirt/outfit and if you have great jewelry on, it makes all the difference. bracelets are usually my weakness..i have a million. i have to give credit to my beautiful friend Cara H. for turning me on to them. when we lived together i would know she was home by hearing the jingle jangle of her bracelets clicking together...(she has the BEST bracelets because they are from far off places like..china)

anyway, i just love the look of tons of bangles, and multiple necklaces of different shades of metals (i love mixing metals), or bright bold earrings...jewelry is just soooo much fun!
i just stumbled across this jewelry site on HelloGiggles.com
It is called JewelMint
it is AWESOME. i love the jewelry, and it is super affordable. plus, you get 50% off your first purchase!
That is fantastic!

So of course..i had to buy something :)

check out this awesome necklace

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