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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waiting for Lil Gbaby

It is finally here. My sister has been in labor for nearly 24 hrs.. She is a warrior. It has definitely not gone the way she had hoped... But then again, you can never predict how it will go.
The waiting room is loud, hilarious, entertaining, dramatic..you get the picture...and it is all family members waiting for this baby.
We have had a few others join us, waiting for their loved ones to deliver...they usually don't last long... We have been very jealous of these women's fastly dilating cervix's.
I got to see her, my sister, for a few minutes and she looked beautiful! Relaxed and ready (this may or may not have been from the epidural)..either way, she had my complete respect..they had given her pitocin, and she labored for 6 hrs w/o drugs..I don't know much about having a baby but apparently this is amazing.
So we all sit..watching sad movies on tbs, eating crap out of the vending machine..taking funny pictures and waiting..and waiting.. I love this.
My cute papa, first time grandpa, just made a dunkin donuts run... We all discussed leaving a trying to rest up(since it will still be awhile)... But no one seems to have the guts to leave... It is just too darn exciting!
This isn't just a baby. This is the 1st, for us to be aunts, them to grandparents, and Rachel and Packy to be parents..this baby is epic.
Pics to come!
(oh yeah and some very exciting news...I'm going to SPAIN)

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