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Saturday, January 7, 2012

picking the right husband..

this rule is very important:
pick a husband with the same musical taste as you.

if you follow this, you will NOT be disappointed.

i like a lot of adele, sarah, kt, regina, florence, missy, ingrid, etc... and ya know what?

i knew my husband since i was 18. i never really saw him in any other way, but a friend. years went by, and we started hanging out in the same circle all the time. and one day he said, "hey have you ever heard of a fine frenzy?"
i had. and was currently playing "almost lover" on repeat every chance i could get, and i would ugly cry to it as i sang to the top of my lungs..(i was going through a rough time)...but did i tell him this??
no. i simply replied, "love her".
this was the first spark of our relationship.

our story is much more interesting than that. but that is all you get for now.

i'm not a musician, but he is. he loves to show me "tasty licks", "nasty beats" and "sick funk"....these would probably gross people out if you had no idea what they referenced...but these are common phrases/occurrences in our home. and you cannot say them with out doing this face, called the stank face. which is the combination of smelling something foul, but you kinda like it. doing this face, and using one of those phrases is a huge compliment to anyone who is a musician.

anyway, i am a huge music fan. and so is the Mr. and every now and then we do not like an artist the other likes..for him it's Rufus Wainwright. whom i love. and for me, it's Dave Matthews. he loves him.
one time, i was showing him some of my favorite songs, and he said, "you like a lot of man hating/angsty music...ha..
overall, we love the same music. steely dan, fleetwood, eagles, foreigner, etc..
and i think that is really important for a healthy marriage. i love that he will go put on pandora for us and it's on feist, or norah jones. and he is just singing and grooving away with his air drums...(air guitar is forbidden in my house).

and now i still sing "almost lover" at the top of my lungs, without the tears, while washing dishes...with the Mr, singing harmony right next to me.

this is a small, lovely facet to my marriage.

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  1. you just helped me create all my music selections for spotify this week. thank you. :)