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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


i have been mia for a bit when it comes to the blog. life got busy, and my exhaustion, and new obsession with Downton Abbey kept me from blogging.

Updates on the last week:

1. thomas is such a scoundrel! (what? i'm alotted a DA reference as a life update..afterall DA has been my life lately..)

2. baby G is just so blasted cute i cannot stand it...

3. my sister has had a rough go of it post pregnancy, but is still a champion in my eyes...afterall, baby G make look tiny but when held up to your...well you know...baby G is GINORMOUS!

4.my lovely bff Caris, is due on the 10th, but is possibly in labor now...she told like it was nbd, but she is like that..strong and simple, two things i am NOT. (oh yeah..don't drink the water..everyone is pregnant..i've been buying mine bottled, then boiling it for extra assurance..this womb is empty till further instructions)

5.one of my other bff's just moved in with the MR and me...so. much. fun..although, with the loud obnoxious voices we do, i'm not sure my husband knows what to do with us. (he secretly loves it...i'm sure). but seriously, having a bff here 247 is awesome..it is like we are roommates...but cannot sleep in the same bed because there is a boy there too..and that wouldn't be how this house runs. ahem.
moving right along....

6. i love my red hair. but this whole, "gotta get it done every 3 weeks" thing...is really putting a damper on my shopping addiction...(didn't mean to say that out loud...but then again if i can easily say that..then i don't have a problem...right?), when you have blondish roots growing from bright red hair, it is fugly. why is it that when you have to make an appt. all of the sudden your hairdresser is unavailable till next week, and your hair is instantly worse before you knew that....?

7. 58daystillmadridandi'msofreakingexcitedicannotevenstandit.

8. Saturday was like the best day ever. My day literally was randomly unexpected and wonderful in every way kinda day. friends came over to watch the game, and then just never left..ha. at one point, there were 6 girls here and we were all in the kitchen, eating and laughing and i realized...they had all lived in this house with me at one time. so crazy. and so wonderful to have everyone here again. i am such a sucker for "remember whens" and there were a lot of them that day.

i have a very full and wonderful life.

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