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Friday, January 13, 2012

is this real life??

if you are like me, when you read someone's blog you think, "wow, their life is so glamorous and adventurous."....you thought that about mine...right? right?!
well..if you did, or didn't think i am as glamorous as i sound...here are my myth busting realities:

I am a travel agent, who jet sets around the world. Living one adventurous trip to another....

this is my corner office with a "view"

real glamorous huh? i take a trip maybe 2-3 times a year...for a few days...all the other 345 days in the office, are sitting at this desk, looking at this wall.

I am a fashionable individual always looking for the hottest, latest, designer looks and accessories....
my favorite stores are target, and forever 21...because they are CHEAP. I love the look of designer clothes, and love photos of beautiful people and their beautiful clothing. but i could care less who made it. I love the site the sartorialist, but those shots aren't always of people wearing designer pieces..they are regular people like me who enjoy clothes. if i love it and look good in it, that is great, if it was $5 at goodwill...EVEN BETTER!

I enjoy fine decor and home design...
the reason my unfinished room is unfinished..is not because i can't make up my design mind....it is because i cannot afford to finish it yet...furniture takes time...because it is $$$$$$

I am married to a wonderful man and have the perfect marriage...
although i am married to a wonderful man...marriage has been anything but easy for us...it is the hardest thing i have ever done..
i've never been a wife...he has never been a husband..and although we look great together.. (haha) we have had to WORK and being together. the last two years (and the first) of our marriage have been the hardest years of my life...yet, sooooo soooo very worth it.

I have the perfect family who loves each other all the time...
we are faaaaar from perfect. we have drama...sometimes we should've been on maury povich with the drama we have had. but we choose to love each other, and let things go...it takes time to let it go, but we sacrifice, out of love for one another...

My husband and I are wealthy, with our Caribbean vacations, and fancy technology....

we work very hard. very very hard. and have been blessed by free vacations (perks of a TA), our house...we rent, for VERY cheap from my uncle. We have paid off all our debt (PRAISE THE LORD), which makes a WORLD of a difference in this economy.
I do not share these things for to boast, but to call a spade a spade. the Mr and I had $50 in our bank account after our wedding. and we had about $600 in bills to pay...how we ended up paying for those bills...is only by the grace of God...we pray for God to provide, but we also look for ways to bless others. We are very grateful and always give credit to God for where we are right now, which makes us very pleased to be able to give to others in need.
(he blesses those who blesses others...)

I feel beautiful and confident...
I'm not sure if i have ever expressed this on my blog, or given this impression. It is very far from the truth/reality. I have terrible self esteem. I am my worst critic, always have been. I have days I feel confident, but they are few and far between. There was a time i thought being married would make me feel prettier...wow..was that a test. Although the MR thinks i'm beautiful...he has a very hard time expressing it to me. 2011 was a year where i had to really understand that beauty is within, and only the Lord can truly make me feel lovely..inside and out.

This list is definitely not extensive enough..but in a world where we have piniterest, and fashion blogs, facebook, etc...
everyones world is right in front of us...sometimes their world is real and fancy..and sometimes it is just pretend


  1. Such a lovely little reminder in this blog world we live in! Thanks for the honesty.

    Live Inspired,

  2. thanks! love your blog! it's new fav :)