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Saturday, September 10, 2011

work trips

work trip are so funny..and fun.

this job is definitely not a young persons field. Anna and I, and our Palace rep, are the only ones under the age of 40. these women all look the same, have the same husky smoker voices, and all hale from the Milwaukee or Chicago area, dontcha know.

we stand out.

awkward trip moments:
sitting around dinner and the agents start asking us questions about our office..questions we are NOT allowed to answer...competition sake..so..i politely say, "i'm sorry, we actually aren't allowed to give out that information"..the whole table goes silent, with curiosity, offensive, and disbelief...awkward.

walking around theses resorts, learning facts, taking pictures, and having to try to navigate around the fat man who loves his tanning oil, and thinks i must be taking a picture with him in it, so he obviously sucks in his enormous protruding belly, and stands to the side...sir..seriously, how are you not pregnant for quintuplets? get out of the way, sucking in doesn't work for you, go deliver your babies.

humidity that makes your normally bouncy, frizz-free (for the most part) hair, rise up around your head like the coming of Jesus...it comes like a thief in the night, and just BAM it's there..no stopping it..the pouf is in the hair, and it aint coming down.

GREAT work trip moments:
my room attendant puts my things away. not in a, you touched my panties?!, kinda way, more like, you put my slippers and robe by the shower, and laid out my shoes all in a nice row..wow..i need them to come home with me..i've never seen who it is..but they have watched and learned where i put things..and so they lay it out for me the exact way i would want. they knew i was out at the beach yesterday (yes other great work moment, where i got to spend 2.5 hours at the beach, reading, sipping a marg (don't look at dad)). when i came in the had set up the shower for me, towel laid out, my shampoo was in there, they had put a towel down on the floor for when i step out, and hung up my robe right next to the door. i love you. seriously, come home with me.

food. it. is. UHhhhmazing. and. i. am. eating. a. ton. (i mean..i gotta try it all...it's for my clients sake...yeah!)

this morning i got up early, had piping hot coffee delivered to my room, and i am sitting on my balcony listening to the waves, drinking my coff coff, and blogging. PURFACT.

today we are checking out 3 properties. the last property, we are going to spend the majority of the day there. which means, 5 hours by the pool :)
this is also the property i have scheduled my vacation for in November with Jonathan, so i'm SUPER excited to see it.

gotta run, gotta tame this apocalyptic fro :)

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