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Monday, September 5, 2011

weekends are for eating and being with your boo

back home from a FANTASTIC weekend in nashville.

seriously..so great.

we got to our hotel and freshened up and headed out to a restaurant our friend recommended to us Sunset Grill

we had the most hilarious server. he spoke so eloquently that half the time we didn't know what he was saying. we split the best nachos in the world. no really.
and then had carrot cake for dessert.
ok. i like carrot cake. but this carrot cake was better than..well..anything wonderful. we felt/sounded like bill murray in what about bob, with the way we moaned while we took each bite. it was presented like an oatmeal cream pie. no icing..just stuffed with cream cheese ice cream. wha?? who knew...

(just looking at this picture make me want to cry..)

(our 2nd trip back, this time..no share-sies)

the next day..we SHOPPED..ok..i shopped..jon patiently followed me around. got some awesome fall accessories and sweaters. i cannot wait to post a pic of my scarf i bought(it may or may not be yellow :)

we lounged around the hotel, and read ( finished a whole book), and just laughed and talked.

we almost stayed another day, wanted to get in some hiking, but my friend Smiley, was having a 20th anniversary party for his heart transplant, and we didn't want to miss it. Plus Logan (great friend) was coming into town for it..and i love him so.

these are two of my most favorite people in the world...

(smiley, me, logan )
i could say so much more..but i must pack..leaving for Mexico in the morning!

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