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Sunday, September 25, 2011


quick recap

cabo is hotter than haites. but seriously..sweat in places .it.should.not.be.

travel agents are old.wrinkly.smoker. (ew..i should get out soon!)

age discrimination to the max here. we are the youngest agents here...and the others act so snooty to us..seriously..they walk around looking constipated.

it's stupid beautiful here.

the undertow= dude where's my swimsuit

i have been shakin it like a Polaroid pictcha..but really..two nights in a row we have been dancing it up. such a good work out.

tomorrow we set sail..at the crack of dawn..or 9am. but still.
and we are gonna shop $$$

it's exotic, i'm a freckle monster, but i'm ready to go home. and stay home..at least for a few weeks :)


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