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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

on the..air again?

in 2 days, i'll be heading to warm and sunny, Cabo San Lucas!
i've never been the the west coast of mexico, so i'm pretty stoked.
plus, our itinerary includes 2 days of relaxing...aint. too. shabby
last trip i didn't check a bag (gasps all around)
it was only a 4 day/3 night trip, so i decided to forgo the checked bag
and pack lite. it was shocking. and kinda thrilling. it was like an anticipation of drama..
like..oh no, what if i have to not shower because 3 ounces of liquid wasn't enough??
or, what if i have to wear the same thing twice in a row, because i didn't bring enough
(i may or may not still have done this, even though i brought plenty of shampoo and clothes)

moving along.

sad thing about leaving thursday: i am missing our church's annual chili cook off!!!
very bummed about this. especially because i entered a chili for the first time last year..and ALMOST won. my dad beat me..as he usually does. he or my mom, or my sister, or my cousin usually wins...what can i say..we love our beans and stewed meat. ew.
so i really was gonna try and clobber his chili (wow, i think that is the first time i have every typed clobber. it kinda grosses me out.)
but i can't. better luck next year.

tonight will be filled with laundry, packing, and simplifying my life...because i once again, will not be checking a bag...what can i say, i love the drama :)

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