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Thursday, September 15, 2011

fall in a cup

today is a perfectly dreary day.

but i love it!

so i ordered a pumpkin spiced latte (non fat/with whip of course). it's the epitome of fall..in a cup!

and i just mailed out all of the invites to the BEST baby shower in history :) because
this sister is worth it:

she is kinda a big deal.
she is my older sister, but not eldest, #2 and i am #3
she is my best friend.
i used to copy everything she did. no lie. i couldn't order any food
until i knew what she was ordering..we had to have the same taste in our mouth :)
she used to be kinda mean to me..but i was so obsessed with her, that i let her be mean to me..just so she would hang out with me..i was so pathetic
i made up a song for her..it went something like this, "together forever, you and i..together forever, till we die" yeah i sang it creepily too.
we had a fort we made. we hung out there once..they day we made it. i hung out there more times. alone..i was a weird kid.
we even both married Jonathan's..that was coincidental..i promise..maybe

we both have golden retrievers. we call them our babies.
some have even called us "twinsies" (why thank you)
she is my role model and advisor (glad i didn't take her advice though when she tried to talk me out of my crush on my now husband)
but thankfully took her advice on other crushes, i should have had (gross!)
we were both each others Maid of Honor
Now, she is having a baby! whoah. a perfect little girl. yesss. who will accompany us in our favorite adventures, shopping at Tj maxx, and eating pretzels at the mall.
so now i'm helping put together the most perfect girly baby shower :)
i love you Rachel and i love baby!! now hurry up, have that baby!


  1. Does this mean that you are going to copy her and have a baby too? ;)