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Thursday, April 26, 2012

my spanish stomach

i'm posting about Spain. true story.

this post is all about the food. my favorite part nutritional cultural experience. i lost weight surprisingly while I was there, mostly from the walking i'm sure...but don't be worried..i most def gained it all back..and then some..yikes.bikes!

One of my favorite nights was when we went to this restaurant. It was very indie. and it was freaking insane. It was called Delic..kinda like DELISH. maybe they abbrev there too? nah...

the menu
everything is served on toast. hard toast.

This may have been my favorite part. yep. dessert.

When you order water. you must remember to ask for "agua no gas" because otherwise it will be carbonated.

I forgot the name of this restaurant..but i highly recommend it. it was the coolest environment and definitely non touristy. this was curried chicken.

one of my favorite things was that your water came in such an aesthetically pleasing way..no plastic bottles here.

i'm a lover of coffee. and cafe con leche is just about the most delicious experience you'll have in Europe.

these were a little scary. they were "croquettes" but that white creamy substance i'm pretty sure was lard. ew. but tasty.

my favorite thing was when the meal was ordered for all of us, and out came just about everything on the menu. we all would just share and taste. such a great way to try it all!

this is just about the most spanish food you can get. i am very aware of how strange this looks. on the left is a traditional spanish tortilla. i know. weird. it was a cross between a quiche and an omelet. it was basically egg and potato. and YUM. on the right is also a traditional sauce for potatoes or french fries to be dipped in..also fantastic. none of this was healthy. i loved every bite.

I hope you enjoyed these tid bits of Spain! it was so wonderful. more to come.. I PROMISE!

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