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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Retiro Park

since i've been home i've been dealing with a difficult question.
everyone is asking it. and now i've been asking myself....
"What was your favorite thing you did?"
oy vey the pressure to say something remarkable is upon me everytime!

ok. honestly...my down time with Clemence was by far the best. sitting and laughing and talking about life..hearing her very different perspective on life, and just being besties.

BUT. this hasn't sufficed the masses who have asked me this question. because, after all, i did just spend a week vacation in Spain.
So, my next few posts will be about my favorites in no particular order..or fashion :)

Retiro Park sits in the middle of Madrid..basically it is their version of Central Park...but it was definitely there first :)

Crystal Palace:
This inside was covered with this strange paper..i thought it was so protection from the sun or something...Clemence laughed and said it was simply "art"..oh..
Row boating :)

more difficult than i'm making it appear...way.more.difficult. we could not stop laughing. nor could we figure out how to stop going in circles.*i'm sure you see how beast i am in this pic. i mean, look at those ripped arms. so rowing this boat should have been easier...yeah..*

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