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Friday, April 13, 2012

hysterical moments in the life of me

we interrupt the scheduled madrid posts for some historical hysterical moments you should hear..straight from the horses mouth (this reference makes me feel teethy)

my skin can be a little sensitive sometimes...this is a more recent development in the last few years...it all started with mono. the DREADED bout of mono. i had it for a YEAR. but not only did i have the worst possible case of mono, i also had a large rash all over my body..which also lasted about 6 mths.
ya'll..i felt like life was ending. but during the rash i had to throw out everything i knew about skin care at that point (please in your head reference mitch hedbergs joke about slip covers..google it if you don't know it)
i tried everything. expensive crap too..and eventually it just disappeared..right before spring break..THANK THE LORD.

Since then, i've still been careful. i am obsessed with coconut oil currently. i am a greased up animal in that stuff...and i love it...my skin has never felt/looked so great (tip:any type of starter tan you may have will last much longer with your skin is hydrated from the inside out so lots of water to drink plus coconut oil)

which brings me to this hysterical moment in my life recently:
there is a pretty great hand lotion a lot of my friends/coworkers use
It is pretty awesome for dry hands during the winter...well during christmas sales i scooped up some "body lotion" of the stuff..i was thinking..i mean this stuff is awesome for my hands..why not my WHOLE body??
I was a little apprehensive to use it..but i went for it anyway..what happened was quite disturbing. i put it on after the shower a few times..and this strange filmy scaly skin started to happen. and it was itchy..i freaked and immediately stopped using it..after time the SCALY skin went away...so gross.
So, i being the sweetest friend ever..offered said lotion to my roomie Kelly.
Her response, "you are generously giving me your lotion that made you scaly?? how sweet" i realized after she said that, how it appeared. IN my defense, i knew her skin wasn't sensitive like mine and SOMEONE needed to enjoy this luxurious skin softener. As i explained to her why it didn't work for me..she points out something pretty helpful...the "body lotion" was in all actuality, SHOWER CREAM. yep. you put it on your body..and WASH IT OFF.
which would explain why IT GAVE ME A FILMY RASH.

you would think that i would pay more attention to what i rub all over my body.

oh well. anyone want it?? :)

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