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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

loving and loathing tuesday


Honeycrisp Apples: these things are just simply wonderful...so very wonderful. i cannot eat a slice, with a little peanut butter, without thinking of my old roomie Cara (this girl right here)
when we lived together, every night consisted of us eating anything we could find, smothered in pb, and stalking people on fb...oh the memories. miss you boo.

it's November 1st: yay! love november :) always have..which is why i got married in November! It was the most beautiful day! Seriously, it was 75 degrees out!

jeggings: because lately i've felt fat. it cannot be because i have been eating more than i should. definitely not. it also cannot be from all of the pumpkin flavored goodies i cannot stop baking. definitely not.

pumpkin flavored goodies: i cannot stop baking these things.

Beiber: his christmas album, is simply fantastic. haters hate on.

8 days till vacation: omg. so epic. i have so much to do before then! like lose 5 lbs immediately. be toner than a cartridge(no? not sure if that worked or not), and be tanner than my cherokee friend cara (see honeycrisp). she is so stupidly tan all the time.


how dirty my dog is. seriously. he is dingy as all get out. we just haven't had time to take him to get groomed. and i'm definitely loathing the dirty looks they will give me when i bring my nappy jack in. sorry groomers, i'm just so sorry.

in 5 days my bff Kelly (yes i have like 6 bff's) is supposed to hear where she is getting into school for her dietitian internship...it could be very far from here *sniff sniff*. the internship will last like a year or something awful like that. kelly, who is gonna come watch bones while being nestled in between rachel and i???

pinterest: ok, lets be honest. i love pinterest. but i hate it because of how wonderful it is.

how i still have like 8 more days till vacation. what?? that's like so far away! i need to go tomorrow!

ok. i gotta work now.

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