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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

marriage makes you practical...

or is it age? either way..i'm becoming more practical. it's kinda gross and scary, but it makes more sense.

exhibit a: a fake christmas tree

what is the point? it's fake, and sits in a box in your unfinished basement. it has no smell, and no holiday spirit. and no pine needles that get stuck in the carpet.

a real tree: holiday fragrance so pleasant it brings a tear to your eye. you look forward to freezing as you pick it out amidst the other exuberant shoppers who exude yuletide cheer. this is what christmas is about....

do you see the practical and the impractical here? or is it really about sentiments?

either way....we bought a fake tree last night...pre lit and all. because, it's more affordable, i can set it up when i want without fear of it dying early, i don't have to water it, and when Jack walks by it, i don't have to fear that tail tapping the limbs even in the slightest and pine needles flying everywhere....it just makes more sense....

but i still find myself just a tad bit disappointed. don't tell my husband :)

christmas decorating has officially started:

(this tiny thing is not the tree mentioned in this blog post, give me some credit =) )

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