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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

it's here!! it's here!!!

one more sleep till vacation...i can hardly stand it!

i'm packed..well almost :)

everything is washed and put up (in a basket)

our flight is actually at 630 and not 530...my bad, so now we don't have to wake up at 300 but at 400. ewww

but i've got a hot plane outfit..which i'm sure you figured after hearing me talk about my travel wears before.. it's a long black maxi dress, and a light weight sheer sweater over it, so that when we get to 80 degree weather i can strip off that sweater and be ready to go :)

i wish i could bring all my friends with me, buuuuut..i need this time with my jonathan..in the worst way. worst. so here we come Mexico, and 10 days of fun in the sun :)


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