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Monday, October 31, 2011

another one for the books!

what a fun, and exhausting weekend!

Thursday evening, way passed my bedtime, i went to a Halloween dance party. it was weird. the music was "dubstep" and trance like...my only dance capabilities with this genre is a jump up and down, sway thing...it sounds scary..and it was.
but, between my sister in law and i, we rocked out.

Friday was so packed it was insane. worked, left work, went to see a friend and her new baby, precious..so precious. picked up a fire pit, cleaned my house, baked rice crispy treats, and threw a bonfire party for my sister in law. the fb event said only 15 people were coming..boy was that wrong. my house was PACKED. and everyone stayed..so very late :)
but it was fun, and Cami had a blast (mission accomplished)

I love throwing/hosting parties, but i always feel like i need a vacation afterward.

Thankfully, the next morning we (mr and I) drove to a little town about an hour from our house, for a couples retreat.

there were so many good revelations, and "aHA" moments. But my favorite one, or i guess, my most convicting one i heard, was:
"being angry at your spouse is your problem not theirs.
they may be the reason you are upset, but being angry causes you to sin, and that cannot be blamed on your spouse."

i needed to hear that. my husband might hurt my feelings, or upset me...but letting those emotions take over in that situation, only makes matters worse.

There were so many other great principles that i needed to be reminded of, but that is just one for now.

great weekend, full of friends, food, and laughter and an overnight stay in a vintage hotel...perfect weekend :)

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