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Monday, November 28, 2011

and i'm back!

wow, it's been awhile. too long. sorry lee :)

Vacation was perfect, like seriously, a second honeymoon, or better than our honeymoon, it was THAT good. The Lord just doesn't do things partially, he really goes all out.

Here are a couples of fun pics from our trip:

first class :)

Welcome :)

Infinity Pool

Lots of Food, and MEAT (mexico me is a meat eater)

Fun trips to small islands

lots of staring at this :)

Anniversary nights out...yes this is my whoomp there it is dress...

basically, it was the most relaxing and best 10 days and i spent it with with my love.

Then..we were home and BUSY again!

Helped throw the Bff a baby shower for her lil nugget:

I had to buy a jean jacket because, mommy loves her jean jacket, she has had it and worn it since the 7th grade :)

Then it was Thanksgiving weekend! my sister in law and i baked and watched the parade, then headed to my mom's. It was a quieter tgiving day, but still very good. Then we shopped....oh yes we did.
midnight till 330, then 830-1230 (exhaustion did occur)...but it is tradition, and Leanne was in town! Oh lee, i love you so.
We hosted the inlaws the rest of the weekend, and we just relaxed, ate, and watched movies.
it was a very blessed weekend :)


that's all for now!

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