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Friday, November 11, 2011

absent for good reason...

because i haven't felt like blogging. great reason huh?

day 3 and feeling great :) we have been so pampered and relaxed. tonight we plan on just ordering room service and watching movies...of course there goes one fun dress out the window, buuuut..sometimes you just want to stay in your robe and sip wine while blogging, and your husband reading next to you...

Day 1-got up sooooo early to catch our flight to DFW, our flight was delayed so we missed our flight to mex. we were sad, but worked on getting onto another flight, stand by. we waited two hours, and didn't get seats...so we headed to another flight which left in another hours...we were actually pretty ok attitude wise, we kinda just laughed it off. When we received our boarding passes, it said "business class". Jon was like, oh hey, we have business class..i forgot to tell you..i was like, WHAT?? are you kidding?? he was like, is that good?? uh..yep!
We had two huge leather chairs spacious enough for me to sit indian style, blankets for warmth, snacks, cocktails, a movie, and hot towels to refresh ourselves with...yall it was perfect. and worth the wait. we got to mex, found our ride, and arrived to LUXURY. we were greeted at the door with chilled coconut milk (soooooo good). We settled into our room, unpacked, and went in search of food. we ended up running into the chef of their pizza restaurant and he said he would bring us his specialties. omg, it was soooo good. i'm gonna sound redundant about this food, but it is seriously the best food i've ever eaten. After we polished off the pizzas we walked down to the beach and walked along the shore. we stood for a long time and let the waves crash against our legs and talked. i think i will remember that moment forever.

day 2 consisted of, eating, laying, eating, swimming, laying, eating.goat cheese cappuccino soup. sleep. haha (that soup changed my life)

day 3 we got up and went down to breakfast, ate, then headed to the pool, we sat their for a few hours, then walked about a mile away to another resort for lunch(free exchange privileges) we ate lunch there, then we wandered around. we played pool (i'm now a pool player..for reals)..and it was so fun. then we headed back to our resort and swam for awhile in the pool. We came up to get ready to go out to an asian restaurant, but decided...laying around was a better option..
now..off to order room service!

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