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Sunday, October 23, 2011

what weekends are for...

shopping: scored some great skinny black pants, a sweater and purse (perfect for a carry on) #mywardrobeisfortraveling

if it's october, than weekends are for all things related to pumpkins: went to the orchard with friends and family. so much pumpkin fun!

and weekends are for sisters:
spent a majority of the weekend with my sister in law. she is pretty fantastic. it is so wonderful how she became one of my best friends and we get to be friends, forever :)

and lastly, weekends are for hanging out with my boo :)
we slept in, went to krispy kreme, ate way too many doughnuts, went shopping (im starting to sound like i have a problem...i don't...think i do) then went to church..

i really like weekends. they are the best...

here is hoping Monday is Funday?? yeah...

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