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Thursday, October 20, 2011

thursday thoughts

i just bought this skirt i have been eying. i'm obsessed already.

i made beef stew this morning. perfect day for it. but i am anxious about leaving a crock pot on all day while at work.

i have decided that retail therapy is the best thing ever. i went shopping last night to get a great gift for a perfect friend her name is cara dee :) and of course i picked up that skirt too..how could i not..it was RIGHT THERE. my friend was with me, and she said she read in an article that you should never shop with friends......wha??? that is absurd! the reasoning was; they talk you into buying things you don't need. duh! that's the point!

my new fav show is parenthood. oh my tear ducts. seriously. i cry start to finish.

2 weeks, 5 days, and 21 hrs till vacation. but who is counting? oh i just cannot wait. i get my own butler...who brings us breakfast in bed, and irons are clothes. #spoiled

i went into a furniture store, they had closed,#iknowaguy, but the ladies were totally making every effort to help me with my room..ya know the infamous unfinished one...but it was so overwhelming. i just need to make decisions #decisionsareboring

(i have recently been loving this whole hash tag thing, but i'm pretty sure i use it inappropriately, like joey on friends with " "...you must watch that episode.

ok, i must get back to work..#pretendworking

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