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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

loving and loathing tuesday

my pants i got from american eagle..which, if you know me, you know that i NEVER shop at american eagle. i'm about as far from AE style as they come..but i did marry mr ae. seriously.
they are comfy, and feel better than just leggings, and look great with brown boots...yep. i mix these..and you should too, where there is freedom there is liberty..
these are the pants

and this: stop what you are doing. leanne, get off pinterest and go to the store, and get these:

oh. so. incredible.

also, loving the fact that my friend nina (my wedding photographer), has asked me to be her wardrobe consultant for an upcoming shoot she has :)
you may not know this, but being a personal shopper is a lifetime dream. so much fun!


my bright red eye. allergies? contagious infection? contact issues? who knows..but it isn't bothering me, just everyone around me..."what's wrong with your eye?"....

hurricane rina: dear rina, how bad do you plan on being? a little rain? or will the resort i'm going to in 2 weeks be washed away? #travelagentissues

oh what else you ask?
i am so totally LOATHING this:

i am devoting an entire blog post to this guy in a few.....skin is crawling.

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