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Thursday, July 21, 2011

happy flying!

i am a travel agent. which rocks..sometimes :)
some days it is glamorous..and some days its..uhm..well not so glamorous.
the perks, are pretty much the only reason i stay..
i have awesome co workers...
i have great insurance (when did i become an adult? oh i know..when insurance was a rational reason in my life..and i talked about it..ew)
my boss will come into my office on like a tuesday..and say, "hey can you go to Jamaica next week?"..let me check my schedule..well..i mean i have that appt..Yep i think i can work that in!

it is also fun to book a trip for someone and it was a perfect fit for them. it's like a puzzle..trying to find the best place for someone to go..especially when they give me great info to work with.."hi i want to go somewhere warm.." HELLO WE SELL THE CARIBBEAN...EVERYTHING IS WARM THERE!
anyway..i also get free vacations...
oh did you not hear me??
yeah.. It's legit! (you must understand that when i say it's legit..you must reference this to know how i'm saying it) (if you are not peeing your pants because of this hilariousness of this video..don't read my blog..you don't deserve me)

the hubs and i are super grateful for this job. and it's benefits (gross adult word again). especially because we just planned our 9 day vacation!! EEK!
but ya know what i think about the most when it comes to vaca?
what am i going to wear on the plane? yep.
i mean..travel style is super fun! i like to look comfy, because i sit every other way but normal on the plane. i like to look professional, because i give my card out for future clients. and of course, i like to look GOOD gur!
my past style were leggings and tunics..but this time i'm thinking about something more like this...Skirt or perhaps this cute jean dress

But then again..tunics and leggings are so comfy!
Check out this great collage

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