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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

unsung hero

i woke up this morning..kinda like any other morning..a little hung over..(just kidding)..well kinda..i took an advil pm at about 4am..so i really was a little hung over :)
i was standing in my kitchen waiting for my english muffin to pop up out of the toaster..when i noticed something different about my fridge...
a magnet.
i walked over to my fridge and stood there probably longer than necessary, mostly due to the advil pm stupor, but i was wondering, "where did this come from".
Now, i will admit, something can be laying around in my house for quite some time till i notice it. but, i eventually notice it.
i took the magnet off the fridge and walked into husbands office...
"hey, where did this come from?"
"i have no idea"
"it was on our fridge holding up pictures"
"i still don't know where it came from"
"that is so strange"
"i agree"
he may have agreed, but soon shifted back to his computer to finish up something, that i'm sure was not equally important as the magnet mystery.
i walked back into the kitchen...on my way..i noticed Jack half way sticking out of our front room fireplace..it's been his obsession the last 2 weeeks to stare up into it..it freaks me out, and we cannot figure out what is going on.
i stood in the kitchen and started putting the pieces together!
there is a person who has been coming down our chimney and making life more convenient for me!
i mean, the way the magnet was placed on the fridge was so cleverly put, it wasn't just a quick throw on. they had strategically placed that magnet.
a robin hood/santa claus/ convenience caper!
what's next...a chip clip for my wadded up pretzel and tortilla chips?
i don't hate it.

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