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Sunday, December 5, 2010

sentimental 2nd post

I just absolutely love Christmas...i don't understand people who are bah humbug about it. I understand that people get all huffy about the commercialization and stuff and yes Jesus doesn't get the credit He should, but to me not only is it a blessed reminder of His birth, but it also it brings out every childhood joy and emotion. There is so much nostalgia to Christmas...the lights that twinkle bring back memories of all 7 of us Carroll women decorating the tree with mom, while christmas music played...(which was usually this tape, yes a tape, of bells i believe called carol of the bells). The smell of baked goods that take me back to christmas eve and driving to my nanny and grandad's house in our station wagon, each of us holding something for mom that she had cooked...agh i love it all...and miss those times...we are now scattered throughout, Anna in Costa Rica...Rachel who shares holidays with her husband's family...my grandparents have both passed away, and I will be spending christmas with my husbands family in North Carolina...crazy how much changes...But one constant to the holidays, is my mother. She is the essence of Christmas. From the end of november to the end of december you can count on the fact that when you walk into her house there will be decorations up everywhere(even in the bathrooms) and some sorta sugary goodness wafting from the kitchen, and yes carol of the bells playing...she greets you with excitement and shows you all the things she has done or prepared...which you already expected but you don't say anything..because that is a trait of hers...she loves to tell you the obvious. Even friends will say, "aw your mom loves christmas" she is known..people go to her house to experience it, she will take anyone in and love on them if they need a mama...she has come over and helped me decorate before, and it definitely looked a whole lot better...(i'm not crafty), but it is still not the same as her house...because she has perfected Christmas.
My sister Rachel and I argued the other night about who will be mom when we get older, I definitely think i have her kooky and quirky-ness, but Rachel has decorating skills...so maybe it will be a combined effort...but even if we tried to produce my mom's christmas "essence" it still wouldn't compare...God has given her that unique ability and that is what she will always be known for.

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