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Monday, July 2, 2012


I know what you are thinking...man..this girl takes a lot of vacations. That is partly true. However, This is the first one in a while..that i wasn't also working...ok i didn't work in madrid..but jet lag, combined with the hustle and bustle of a big city..made it not feel like vacation as much.
But this..this has definitely felt like vacation. Plus..it is my very first lake vacation.
We are at Lake Lure with my husband's family. it is awesome. surrounded by mountains. and near a beautiful lake has made this an incredibly relaxing time, not to mention it is where Dirty Dancing was partially filmed..AND Last of the Mohicans!  i'm exhausted from all the nothing i'm done. ha. i'm actually realizing how hard it is to just do nothing. but..don't worry..i'm getting very used to it. i haven't worn makeup, fixed my hair, or pretty much looked in the mirror for 3 days. it is awesome.
only 2 more days of this....

aint we cute?

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