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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

vacation part 2

5 things i have learned while on vacation:

1. no matter how much i try to tan..including getting spray tanned before vacation (which is a whole other hilarious story)...my husband..will ALWAYS be darker..and he stays in the shade most of the time. life isn't fair.
2. i got a little wild on vacation and drank a diet coke. crazy i know! even crazier..it was after 6pm. yeah..i regretted it. wide awake in bed for hours. kids..rebellion is not the answer.
3. North Carolina is a fantastically diverse and beautiful state. i highly recommend it.
4. Excessive sweat causes you to shower..every day. it is. DREADFUL. no one should shower everyday. no one.
5. my husband looked at me last night and said..."we have hardly anything in common". moral of the story..when opposites attract, it is a real. good. thing. i love that man.

ridiculous. no?
look at his skin and mine...what???
such adventurers
waterfalls are glorious
I may have pretended i was on a call to catch this shot of the town sheriff.
my husband bought me this hat. so fun!
i conquered this mountain. but i didn't find any Mohicans. sadly


  1. Haha aw court! You are the one who is tres chic my love!

  2. Haha aw court! You are the one who is tres chic my love!