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Thursday, August 30, 2012

it. is. finished.

i feel like my world is complete. it is the finale. nothing left to do, or work for. that's it. life. is. done.

ok..that may be a tad dramatic..but i'm allowed to be, this is my blog..where i get to vomit drama. (juuuust kidding)

but i do have something i'm pretty excited to announce...my wonderful chair. the one i envision lying around in and blogging my life away, where i sit and read posh magazines and sip chamomile tea and munching on macaroons.. where i sketch beautiful new clothing in my sketch book..(that is such a dream..if only i could draw...)

my chaise lounge has arrived...and so have i...

There is still soooo much to do to this room..but at least it has the chair. i love this chair.  i don't know why..i just do.


  1. oh my oh my This looks soooo good!! On a rainy cozy afternoon like today, this chair is a must. xoxoxo