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Friday, August 10, 2012

5 things

my daily must haves:

I put this in my coffee, i drink it plain, i use it in some recipes...i bathe in it..ok that one wasn't true...but i've thought about it!
wondering why i slide off of chairs? leave greasy impressions on anything i come in contact with? yeah..well i make be a greasy monkey....but i will age delicately! this stuff is better than lotion. it's great for your skin, makes you glow, prevents wrinkles..and makes me feel LUXURIOUS. seriously..just replace your lotion with this, and watch your skin transform!
I only discovered this a little over a year ago..i had heard about it..but $28 for a tube of primer?? what?? OH GURL. get it stat! I wear this every day, and my eye shadow stays on all day! i have also just worn it by itself, with some eye liner, and it keeps my eye lids non greasy and my liner from running.
around 2pm, i started dragging. but i don't want another cup of coffee, i usually have 1 cup of coffee only in the mornings. so this is my pick me up. it is so good! I love that it is hot tea, but leaves a refreshing taste in my mouth..no stank breath with this golden beverage!
this one right here...has literally revolutionized my life. getting ready never felt so breezy, and you know how i feel about being breezy! i am shocked when i come across someone who doesn't know how wonderful dry shampoo is. like seriously.. GO GET THIS NOW! there are so many brands, this one is my fav so far but hard to find. Suave makes one too that is like $3, it isn't as great for volume like Got2b is, but so cheap. Dry shampoo zaps up all the oil, has a great scent, and adds volume. what?! how is this now one of the world wonders??? i'm going to try the TIGI Rockholic one next, it is supposed to be the best.  Not washing your hair has never felt/smelt so good!

There you have it! My list of must haves. Please do share your must haves, i'm always looking for new ones!

Be You, Bisous!

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