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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Clothes Out Sale

isn't my title so clever? it will be appreciated more so once you read this post...

i have a guest bedroom. full of CLOTHES. it is basically my closet. It is a land full of possibilities..and none of it is folded, or properly hung up. if you are anal, and organized. you so wish you could help me right now.

i've noticed i wear about 1/3 of it too. so i decided to start over. COMPLETELY. i'm selling jewelry, belts, bags, and CLOTHES. it will be insane. i'm nervous. and excited. if i were in "high school musical" my song would be titled "nervous and excited".
but i'm not. so i will just say that.

i've decided a garage sale isn't my thing. i don't want some stranger discarded that perfectly beaded gem of a necklace...and discarded it like it was RUBBISH. who does he think he is. (ok hopefully it isn't a him).
no, NO sir. i want my friends to enjoy these fabulous finds of mine.

So i'm throwing a Garden Party!

I plan on stringing up fishing wire around my cute little backyard and hanging my fancy finds on them. I will drape my scarves around the trees and we will dance around like little fairies with flowers in our hair!

sound fun? then you should come..and we should be friends!!

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  1. This sounds like the most perfect idea ever.

    It made me happy even reading about it.


  2. YES!!!! DUH.

    also. cheers to blogging again :)

  3. Ok, those pictures creep me out, but I so wish I could come buy your clothes. :)