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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i use to have a theory. only mom's know how to pick out fruit. almost as if it was an acquired instinct. i remember being little and waiting ever so impatiently, for my mom to pick out fruit..she would squeeze, smell, scrutinize, flip it upside down, etc..i was in awe(i was weird). i usually go into the produce aisle, looking for a an older women to pick out fruit with..i kinda just stand there confidently pretending to look myself..but i of course never had those skills. i love grocery shopping.
yesterday, i walked into the grocery store wanting to find some watermelon or as my sister used to say "wallermelon"...i picked one up, smelled the end..i saw that once ( i of course smelled nothing).. there were no mom's around..so i just grabbed it anyway..looking like a fruit professional...
And it worked, maybe because i played the role so well ;)
whatever it was....i have the most scrumptious watermelon for lunch today...

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