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Monday, June 6, 2011

oh hey

it's been awhile...so much to update.
Basically..I have become designed obsessed..who knew..my husband likes to keep teasing me about my "new things":

"i'm gonna start cooking"-Me
"ok" -husband
then i proceeded to try a complicated beef stew recipe and 7 hours after starting the process...my husband was sleepy (11pm) and hungry...i swore off cooking

"i'm gonna start working out everyday"
"ha, ok"
i went like twice..but i didn't like being so sore ;)

this pattern has included, playing piano, writing in my journal, waking up every morning and reading my bible, walking jack everyday, and so on and so on...

so i have some commitment issues..raise your hand if you aren't surprised..if you are reading this and you really raised your hand...how rude! and dumb since you are probably sitting in a coffee shop and people are staring.

but one thing hasn't been disuaded or excused away..i am now an interior designer...
it was pretty easy actually..i just declared it..kinda like when michael scott declared bankruptcy. click here to understand better...

so you get to follow my journey...
applaud with excitement...if you really just applauded...that is awesome.

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