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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Come away with me...

apparently, a blog is something that you keep frelsh...and updated.

i'm not so good at that....i could say that in german btw

Life has been cold, dreary, and dark...well outside it has been that way...but inside...my heart...it's been a fight to stay Yellow...no not like a chicken..but happy, joyful. I started a campaign...you might have heard of it..."Vomit- sunshine- no- matter- who- vomits- negativity- next- to- you 2011 Campaign"..what you haven't heard of it? weird.
basically, i'm so done with negative people, it was weighing me down...which is redic to the max, because i am not responsible for their happiness, and i shouldn't feel bad that i'm happy. disclaimer: my life is not perfect. my marriage is not perfect. my hair isn't always perfect. and sometimes i smell (i no longer where antiperspirant...)
we serve the most wonderful Lord, and each day he makes a day for me..for you, for us..."Today is the day the Lord has made, i WILL rejoice and be glad in it."
that is pretty amazing.
Sometimes i get affected by something...as recently as last night..but this popular campaign i started on Sunday...is not ending anytime soon.
Do you know that stress kills more people than cancer? yeah..i read that somewhere...don't ask where..who knows...i'm called fun fact frieda by some..because i know all these random facts that i know are accurate but when producing the article...i just can't...
all i know, is that i'm young, and up until life got stressful, about 2 years ago...and i started feeling like i had aged 40 years...that is crap.
my campaign, which is wildly popular, is for health, sanity, and all things grateful.

You can join if you want, but either way, i would prefer you not try to darken my day with your crap..because it will just wear you out...misery loves company...but i'm not feeling sociable.